Passive house

It takes 70-90% less energy to heat a PassivHaus certified building, resulting in lower utility bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. PassivHaus is a certifiable international standard applied to high-performance buildings that focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.



Using advanced computer modelling and precise design we create buildings that require minimal energy for heating and cooling.

PassivHaus certified buildings:

  • Have been specifically oriented on a plot to improve the amount of heat they absorb from the sun, also known as solar gain.

  • Have high quality doors, triple glazed windows, and cutting-edge insulation and materials that keep the fabric of the building airtight and reduce heat loss.

  • Use state-of-the-art ventilation systems to recover heat and keep the air free of dust, excess humidity, and odours.

  • Are precisely designed and use technological solutions to minimise the imapct of thermal bridges – weak points in a building that conduct heat from the inside to the outside.

  • Are computer modelled and, once built, a qualified project architect must ensure that the finished structure is up to the exacting standard predicted by this computer model.


This means that your finished PassivHaus building is more comfortable, has better air quality, temperature stability, and acoustic properties. It is also built to a higher standard, provides a healthier living environment, and costs less in the long term.

Formative were early adopters of PassiveHaus technology, have held accreditation from the PassivHaus institute in Germany for over 10 years, and can comprehensively advise on the benefits of passive architecture from first principles through to completion.

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