Cultra house

Cultra, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Bespoke individual home
Project: Cultra house
Location: Cultra, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Type: individual dwelling

Our client for this home requested that the design be private and contemporary but with the warmth of a lived in family home. We designed the exterior of the house to react around this dichotomy of a very personal space set beside the site’s semi-public access. In addition to this, the interior was structured to reflect the differing needs of a client that values their own space, a quality family life, and spending time with friends.

On the front façade privacy is enhanced with a rich brick finish, impact corner windows, and minimal apertures and glazing. However, the brick is punctuated with soft timber which welcomes and draws you towards the entrance. A folded paper style roof, constructed in Zinc, is never viewed entirely from a single perspective. Instead it was designed to move with the angled floor plan which folds down over the elevations towards the rear of the house.

Each room was specifically considered to best suit its intended purpose and desired feel. A timber clad steel spine staircase, with open risers and glass balustrades, allows sunlight to enter from the double storey hallway window; dispersing natural light throughout the house. The contemporary kitchen / living / dining area is spacious, versatile, and designed for activity. The bedrooms are on the first floor, alongside the entertaiment area. A fully fitted bar, elegant décor, and dramatic deep sloping roof make this a very adult, refined space. From here the floor plan is clipped in the corner in order to frame the view of Belfast Lough and enable a subtle glimpse into the library.

Deep in the house this narrow library is accessed through a seemingly impenetrable timber wall. A secret door, light to the touch, is the only way in. A room for knowledge and contemplation, the double height ceiling and sliding book ladder provide ample space for storing books. However, parquet floors, sumptuous fur throws, and leather upholstery ensure that it still has the intimate comfort
of a private reading room.

At the back of the house, light is drawn in through large windows and patio doors which back onto the private garden. An open space that becomes part of family life in the summer months.