Ballyholme house

Project: Ballyholme house
Location: Ballyholme, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Type: individual dwelling
Ballyholme, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Bespoke individual home

Positioned in the corner of the locally known ‘Green’ in Bangor, Northern Ireland, The Ballyholme House replaces an older Victorian villa. Dry rot had infected almost all of the structure, which crumbled to the touch. The original building had two symmetrical front facing bay windows on its principal elevation. A traditional feature, this became the subject of a successful negotiation with the Planning
Department as it was the only section of the building that had to be retained.

The design replicates the best of the original Victorian frontage blended with a modern aesthetic at the rear. The entrance is finished with imported white stone pavers and the panelled front door recreates the original Victorian façade. The stair and hallway at the centre of the home are lit by a spectacular chandelier. Under this the marble finishes and panelled walls present a counterpoint around which the traditional aesthetic blends with the contemporary elements of the design. At the back of the house large sliding doors open onto a modern garden. From here the aspect overlooks Ballyholme Bay, and in the distance, Ballymacormick Point and Scotland.